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Please use this form to request hourly tide predictions at location from starting date and time for up to one week.
The results will be e-mailed to you as *.txt file within 12 hours.
You may use this form repeatedly.

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tpxo9a vs TG

TPXO web service provides tide forecast/backcast at any location/time using latest version of the global barotropic model TPXO9-atlas . The forecast includes either sea surface heights relative mean sea level (MSL) or velocities and transports from TPXO9-atlas. Use our web form to get your free forecast.

If you wish to get forecast/backcast for multiple locations/longer span of time, your options are:

     1. DIY. Please apply for TPXO access, upon approval download TPXO data, then download and use open source software of your choice (some suggestion are in the menu on left). This option is free for academic/research purposes and other non-commercial uses. No consulting is provided. TPXO/OTPS can be licensed for commercial use through ModEM Geophysics. Contact us on details.

     2. READY-MADE. We calculate tidal forecast for your set of locations/times within 7 business days. This service cost depends on the size of your project. No TPXO/OTPS license is included. Contact us with details of your project for a quote.

     OTHER SERVICES provided through ModEM Geophysics for a fee:

- OTPS/TPXO usage consulting/customer support;
- providing TPXO harmonic constants and/or tide forecast/backcast for a custom locations/times set in a custom format;
- developing high resolution multi-constituent local barotropic tidal models, including elevations and transports, using customer-provided bathymetry and data for validation/assimilation into the model.

Contact us with details of your project for technical proposal, time frames and quote.

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